Managed Portfolios

Preservation of Wealth is Paramount

imagesIn order to preserve and grow wealth, our team applies a structured process of security selection and asset allocation across a global marketplace. Once the model allocations are created, and securities are selected, our portfolio managers overlay our proprietary, tactical trading strategy to yield returns with lower than average risk. We are not "Buy and Hold" managers - we are active portfolio managers.

Specifically, our process actively scans the portfolio positions for any violation of our trading rules. If a violation has been identified, our managers will execute one of three options on the specific security:

  • go to cash
  • distribute the assets to outperforming positions already in the portfolio
  • allocate to a needed position not yet represented

Although many investors have experienced the tragedy of Strategic Investing, known as Buy and Hold investing, they continue to pay for inactive wealth managers that subscribe to that strategy. We challenge the Buy and Hold advocates by offering our clients a flexible and transparent trading strategy designed to exceed the demands of a rapidly changing global economy.

You deserve a firm that blends the best attributes of technology and experience to lower risk and find opportunities; a firm that cultivates an investment relationship that focuses on your wealth preservation and growth expectations.

We are that firm.