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In 2010, during one of the most difficult global economic conditions, the founders of BlueSkye prepared the business plan for a wealth management company that was strategically unique and well-positioned to meet the needs of high net worth investors. Co-founder, D.W. Lawrence, strongly believed that the firm should foster an entrepreneurial culture with best-in-class advisers, intensely focused on transparent client relationships.

He believed that the next generation wealth management firm should function more like a low-fee, private trust company, rather than a simple investment firm. During the planning phase of BlueSkye’s early years, he recognized that high net worth, web-connected clients demanded teams of professionals that carried expertise across many investing, business and estate planning disciplines. It made sense: investment professionals should discuss strategies with the client’s accountant and attorney, so that other important stakeholders could support the long-term success of the clients. Additionally, the model provided something D.W. Lawrence believed was sorely missing from the industry – accountability.

It wasn’t long before other experienced professionals shared his vision for a holistic approach to estate planning and investing services, and wanted to join the firm. By mid-2012, BlueSkye had a very talented team of industry professionals that could support the global mission of the firm and offer expertise in venture capital, managed futures, commodities, private equity, hedge funds, real estate, and equity investing across a global marketplace. Coupled with a robust, integrated technology infrastructure, BlueSkye was quickly one of the most unique wealth management firms available to high net worth investors.

Fast forward to 2015, and what started as a simple living room planning session, became a forward- thinking firm, focused on collaborative planning across several industries. With branches in Florida and Virginia, BlueSkye is positioned to be the next generation wealth management company it set out to be.

“Average people often become great at the intersection of adversity, discipline and determination. For those lucky enough to find their path through this confluence, the product is something very special.”  – D.W. Lawrence




We encourage a fiercely entrepreneurial culture, where our advisers share the same positive vision for our future, and success metrics are measured by reaching client goals.
Our strategy has, and will remain, entrepreneurial and client-centered with Long-term efforts focused on supporting the very best of class advisors.


Our guiding rule of conduct is to act in the interest of our clients, at all times. Whether we are managing assets or making recommendations on investments held away from our firm, our clients receive the most private fiduciary standard available in the industry.


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Dakota W. Lawrence

Chief Executive Officer


James R. Gibson

Chief Financial Officer

Michael McCausland

Michael McCausland

Chief Investment Officer


Scott Kemps

Executive Vice President