Often overlooked during the strategic planning process, insurance can be used to accomplish objectives that traditional asset classes cannot achieve alone. Consequently, BlueSkye advisers encourage their clients to explore insurance as an asset class that can provide strategies that:

  • Protect assets from creditors*
  • Provide a tax free transfer of wealth
  • Remove liquid assets from the taxable estate
  • Establish legacy income for beneficiaries
  • Guarantee a minimum rate of return
  • Protect future value of businesses and assets

BlueSkye does not have proprietary products or relationships. Our Advisers are completely independent from insurance companies and are able to make recommendations based upon their client’s unique needs. Additionally, we only work with “A” rated, or better, companies such as:

Jackson National Life | MetLife Investors | Allianz | Nationwide | Hartford | John Hancock | New York Life | Transamerica | Principal | American Equity | AXA Equitable | Lincoln Financial | ING
If you have any questions about insurance strategies, please reach out to your BlueSkye Investment Adviser, or email us at
*Insurance based asset protection is not available in all jurisdictions. Consult your BlueSkye adviser before using insurance as an asset protection vehicle.