Private Wealth

Active Approach to Wealth  Management

We are tactical

Tactical trading offers high net worth clients true and predictable money management that, at its core, refutes the belief of "buy and hold". Our six flagship portfolios are all managed with a tactical overlay that seek to avoid significant drawdowns while maintaining modest exposure in performing asset classes that may be underrepresented in the S&P 500.

Though asset allocation is important, the first priority is asset protection with an emphasis on targeted returns over a 1-3 year timeline - we believe navigating this global economy on a shorter timeframe helps our clients avoid major downturns.

Tactical management is active management.

We are flexible

Flexibility is a hallmark of our money management style, and central to our winning record over the most challenging market conditions. Our management team has weathered three major economic downturns as active traders - they understand the damage that can be done by a rigid, disconnected investment strategy. Our team has the discretion to move assets to stable positions such as gold and precious metals, short term treasuries, municipals, or even cash, but be easily positioned to take advantage of positive market movements.

Flexible management is safer management.

We are competitively priced

Competitive pricing is on everyone's mind, especially high net worth clients. Our relationship with TD Ameritrade Institutional (TDAI) for asset custody and security clearing services offer our clients a unique portal that independently illustrates the low cost investment solutions offered through our firm. When clients access their personal online portal via TDAI website and evaluate performance relative to fees, they realize that the less than average 0.4% gross expense ratios for the ETFs that we use, and the below industry standard account fees really do matter over time.

Competitive pricing is a must.