Cooperative Estate Management

Cooperative Estate Management™

Cooperative Estate Management (CEM) is a model of wealth management that consolidates investment, accounting, and legal services to meet the needs of high net worth families and business owners.

Our goal is to create a team of professionals to provide unparalleled service for our most important clients - all with a single phone call.

A client participating in CEM may receive the following services*:

  • Professional Legal Services
  • Professional Accounting Services
  • Professional Portfolio Management

Legal Services

We offer our qualified clients access to ongoing legal services with CEM program attorneys that have experience in areas such as Wills, Trusts and Estates. In fact, the advisory fee that is paid to BlueSkye for professional portfolio management is used to compensate the attorneys who provide service to our clients.

The important thing to remember is that as long as you remain a client of BlueSkye Investment Advisers, LLC., you will have complete access to all offered legal services through our participating law firms. It is like having an experienced attorney on retainer for you and your family's important legal challenges.

Accounting Services

Every year, our CEM clients have the option to sit down with one of our tax professionals and receive unbiased accounting services including annual tax return filings. As with any of our CEM Professionals, they are compensated through the annual advisory fee that is charged on assets under management. Consequently, our clients do not receive a bill for their professional accounting services. This gives you the freedom and confidence to contact and meet with your team accountant any time you or your family have needs.

Asset Management

BlueSkye Investment Advisers, LLC provides actively managed portfolios tailored to your unique goals, objectives, timelines and risk tolerances.

Portfolios range from conservatives income models to speculative stock portfolios. The portfolio managers use technical and fundamental analysis to identify changes in market momentum and specific opportunities in equities and fixed income asset classes.

Client assets are held with our preferred custodian, TD Ameritrade Institutional. Their powerful back office platform allows our clients to receive account information at anytime, from any point on the globe.

No matter what those needs may be, our CEM team strives to deliver objective, informed advice and actionable plans for growing and preserving your wealth

*Restrictions apply. CEM is not available in all jurisdictions; asset minimum for participation in CEM is $1,000,000. CEM is only available for client’s of BlueSkye.
**All participating legal and accounting firms are separate entities. BlueSkye does not provide legal or accounting services, and is not registered with any bar association.